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Full Size Wall Plug Plastic Anchor Nylon

Full Size Wall Plug Plastic Anchor Nylon

Place of Origin: liaoning, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: SERS
Type: Wall Anchor
Material: Plastic
Diameter: 6/8/10mm
Length: 30/40/50mm, Standard, as required

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Quick Details

Place of Origin:liaoning, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:SERS 

Type:Wall Anchor



Length:30/40/50mm, Standard, as required


Color:Most grey and white, other colors are also available.


Size:Accept Customized

Drill DIA:6/8/10mm, as required


Sample:free Provide



1.Material: PE/nylon

2.Color: Gray or yellow color

3. Nylon Plugs offer high strength fixing even in aerated concrete.

4. Larger sizes can be used with coach screws and penny washers.

5. Ideal for satellite dish and sanitary fittings.

6. Suitable place to use: solid brickwork, masonry, concrete or blockwork.

7. Universal applications.

8. With anti-rotation lugs



Full size wall plug plastic anchor Nylon

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