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Plastic Insulation Fixing Nail
Jan 18, 2019

Heat Preservation Nail   

Heat preservation nail is insulation board fixed on the wall of a kind of special engineering plastic bolts.Of exterior wall thermal insulation for heat preservation nail is the anchor pieces,widely used in building decoration,wall insulation anchorage.It is made of galvanized screw,nylon tube and round fixing sheet.

Details:Material:low carbon steel,plastic,etc.

CommonSizes:8mm×62mm,8mm×82mm,8mm×102mm,8mm×122mm, 8mm×132mm,8mm×142mm. 

Technique: Heat preservation nails is made by largely automatic injection-molding machine to produce.

Features: Nylon Stud with thermal insulation cap,effectively reduce the thermal conductivity, more energy saving.Anchor's own unique design,can effectively increase the efficiency of construction.

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