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High Quality Fiberglass Meshes
Aug 19, 2018

We offer a range of high quality fiberglass meshes based on customer needs. In order to manufacture this mesh in accordance with international quality standards, high quality fiber and state of the art technology are used. The mesh is ideal for reinforcing a variety of substrates that require waterproofing and cracking, such as cement, stone and other building materials.
Glass fiber mesh is manufactured at the factory by interlacing fiberglass yarn. It has high-strong alkali resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flexibility and aging resistance. It is used for waterproofing purposes on the roof of almost any kind of building, ie residential, commercial or industrial, multi-purpose, hospital, school, subway station, university, etc.

Glass fiber fabrics are much cheaper than silica fabrics and are a spare part of asbestos. It does not cause health damage, it is a cheap fireproof fabric. It is widely used in sound insulation, insulation, heat insulation, use and sheet laminates.
Salient features:
It is lightweight and easy to operate
Its price is very cheap and provides customers with economic value.
It has a good confrontation with almost all opposing climatic conditions.
High tensile strength
Wear resistance
Weather resistant


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