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Glass Fibermesh Drywall Tape
Aug 11, 2018

Glass fiber mesh drywall tape

• The fiberglass mesh belt is self-adhesive and therefore does not need to be embedded in a layer of compound. This speeds up the tape processing process and ensures that the tape is placed flat on the drywall surface.

• Although it is stronger than the paper tape under extreme load, the mesh belt is more elastic, so the joint is more prone to cracks.

• Mesh tape should cover the cured composite, which is stronger than the dry type and compensates for the greater elasticity of the fiberglass mesh.

• The manufacturer approves the use of paper tape for paperless drywall, but the mesh belt provides the best mold protection.

• For internal angular gaps greater than 1/4 inch wide, the mesh belt and a layer of gap-filling compound provide a good substrate for the tape to complete the corner.


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