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Alkali Resistant Fiberglass Mesh
Oct 25, 2018
Glass fiber mesh is based on glass fiber woven fabric as substrate, the polymer emulsion coated with immersion resistance

1.Normal Specifications:
1)mesh size:3×3mm,4×4mm,5×5mm

2)Each square weight: 80 grams -----160 grams 
3) width : 1~2M
4) length: 50M ,100M,200M
5) color: white(standard), or other orange, blue, etc. 


1) good chemical stability. Alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, anti erosion, cement and other chemical corrosion; and resin strong adhesion, easy to dissolve in the styrene.

2) high strength, high modulus, light weight.

3)good dimensional stability, stiffness, smooth, not easy to deformation, shrinkage of.

4)good toughness. Anti impact performance is good.

5) mildew changes, from insects.

6)fire prevention, thermal insulation, sound insulation, insulation.


We also can produce other special size according to customers' requirements, like width and length per roll,weight per square meter, color,etc.




1) wall reinforcing material (such as glass fiber mesh cloth for wall, GRC panel, EPS internal and external wall insulation board, gypsum board, etc..

2) reinforced cement products (such as the Rome post, flue)

3) granite, marble, mosaic special mesh back paste network.

4) waterproof cloth, asphalt roofing waterproof.

5) reinforcing materials of plastics, rubber products.

6) the fire board.

7) grinding wheel substrate.

8) highway pavement with geogrid.

9) architecture with caulking and so on.


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