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Advantages Of Angle Bead
Jul 27, 2018

Using external wall thermal insulation protect horn, without needing the foot plate, it can be constructed step by step, which can improve the construction efficiency by 2-5 times.The work which can only be finished by intermediate duster can be finished by primary duster after using this product. For example: ten months construction period, after using this product, can shorten the construction period for 2-3 months, which effectively reduce the construction cost, to be sure, as long as it's not strongly man-made destruction, when corner is used  normally, even if be sugjuected to certain impact also hard to destroy, the anti-impact force of corner can reach 100 kilograms above.

PVC insulation protection Angle solves the common quality problems such as non-straight, uneven, unbeautiful and easily damaged corners in the construction for a long time, accelerates the construction speed and improves the project quality.


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