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Fiberglass Mesh Home Depot

fiberglass mesh home depot The external wall insulation mesh cloth(glass fiber mesh cloth) is a new type of alkali resistant product made of medium-alkali or non-alkali glass fiber yarn, woven into glass fiber mesh cloth as a substrate, and then dried by coated acrylic polymer. The product has......

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fiberglass mesh home depot

Mesh size: 5,0 (±0,5) mm × 5,0 (±0,5) mm
Coated unit weight: 160 g/m2 (±5%)
Organic material content: 18% (±4%)
Average tensile strength before ageing (MD/CMD): 1700 N/5 cm / 2000 N/5 cm
Elongation (MD/CMD): 3,0-4,0% / 3,0-4,0%
Average tensile strength after ageing (MD/CMD): 1000 N/5 cm / 1000 N/5 cm
Elongation after ageing (MD/CMD): 2,0-3,5% / 3,0-4,0%
Reaction to fire: NPD
Factory Production Control: SYSTEM 2+ No. 1020-CPR-060043936
Standard roll sizes: 1 m × 50 m
Standard colours: white, yellow, orange
Standard thread marking: 2 black threads at one edge
Number of rolls per pallet: 30


Basalt Mesh use
1, wall reinforcement materials (such as basalt wall mesh, GRC wall panels, EPS inside and outside the wall Paul Plaster, plasterboard, etc.)
2, enhanced cement products (such as Roman column, flue, etc.)
3, granite, mosaic special mesh
4, marble back paste network waterproofing membrane cloth, asphalt roofing waterproof
5, enhance the plastic, rubber products skeleton material
6, fire board
7, grinding wheel fabric
8, road pavement with geogrid
9, construction with embedded tape and many other aspects.



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