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new type excellent insulation nails
Jul 10, 2018


Detials of Plastic Insulation Nails:


1.Materials :HDPE/HDPP.

2.Techniquethermal insulation nails are made by largely automatic injection-molding machine to produce.

Raw material and producing process as follows :



3.Use:thermal insulation nails are widely used in the construction industry.  

4.High-performance of Plastic Insulation Nails

A.  Anti-aging: the thermal insulation nails can keep original type and elasticity for a long time.

B.  Anti-temperature shock: it will not harden under higher temperature.

C.  Higher bearing capacity of thermal insulation nails: the thermal insulation nails can fix bigger benzene board area.

D.  Anti-corrosionthe nails' material is made by steel,so the thermal insulation nails will not get rusty to corrode wall.

E.  Well-insulated: this type of thermal insulation nails can keep warm to maximum effect

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