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Insulation nail external insulation anchor nails Building Anchors
Jan 14, 2019

[Name]Insulation nails, Wall insulation anchor ( nails )

Description insulation nail the insulation board is fixed on a special plastic expansion nail on the wall .

[ Package ] a nail insulation comprising: a casing made ; galvanized steel screw within the sleeve ; sleeve disc before ( for insulation gland plate )

[Size] 162 size * 8 * 82-8

[ Length ] Total length of about 8cm-16cm

[Color] blue ( other colors , with the customer , make the corresponding difference )

[Packaging] blue skin around 2000-2500 / bag nail 1000 / bag

[Features] has anti-aging, temperature shock , corrosion, cold and heat ; high capacity, high pressure is good tensile properties ; loaded is not easy deformation, moisture, reduce vibration , absorb noise and good insulation , etc. features, easy to install. Galvanized screw a good solution to the problem of corrosion , durability, and low heat transfer performance of the material , cold winter without the bridge , energy efficient.

[Use] is widely used in wall insulation anchor aspect of the house .


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