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Installing Plastic Wall Anchors
Aug 16, 2018

Use plastic wall anchors when you want to hang a picture or other item on a hollow wall, door, or ceiling, particularly if there are no wood studs or beams behind the surface. The anchor will provide the gripping power that you just cannot get with nails, screws, and drywall alone.

The anchor is made with a hollow center that expands when the screw is tightened into it. This pushes the anchor against the material with enough friction that it stays in place. Follow these steps to install wall anchors appropriately for your hanging needs.

Step 1 - Choose the Right Wall Anchor

Estimate the weight of the item you want to hang. Plastic anchors are best for fairly lightweight items - 30 pounds or fewer is ideal. Consider whether there will be regular force on the anchor. If you're mounting a towel bar, for example, you will need a larger anchor than if you were hanging a picture frame of the same weight. In the same case, choose ribbed anchors for additional strength. Wall anchors are often sold in small packageshol with the corresponding screws, though if you go to a hardware store, you may find that anchors and screws are sold individually.


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