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high strength 120g 145g 160g fiberglass mesh
Sep 21, 2018

Product Introduction:

SERS brand Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh fabric is basis of any heat insulation system. Cracks are prevented because of good chemical corrosion resistance and high warp and weft strength~Distortions insulation system from high impact are minimized because the directions.


Alkaline resistant fiberglass mesh fabric,self adhesive fiberglass joint drywall tape,adhesive fiberglass fabric,floor heating fiberglass mesh,fiberglass mesh used in the stone or granite or mosaic,insulation fiberglass mesh used in the exterior wall reinforcement.AR fiberglass mesh fabric

Fiberglass mesh is woven from fiberglass bulk yarn, then coated with anti-alkaline acrylic resin and gum solution. This mesh is very strong viscosity and self- adhesive. Straight weave and strong bond, top softness and stickness;It is widely used in various construction applications, esp, the EIFS(Exterios Insulation Finishing System) and stone/granite mounting

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