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hammer fixing
Aug 05, 2018
Drill diameter:8 mm
Disk diameter:60 mm
Minimal drill hole depth:45 mm
Embedment depth:35 mm


  • due to the special architecture of the fixing, small drill hole depths are possible;

  • the crumple zone allows an exact washer penetration;

  • the asymmetric expansion element ensures a perfect anchoring even in hollow and problem substrates;

  • the innovative shank and the special geometry of the nylon nail minimizes the failure tendency significant, particularly in full substrates;

  • the washer thickness of only 2.5 mm allows thin and economic reinforcement layers.

Approved for:

  • concrete

  • solid sand lime bricks

  • clay bricks

  • solid concrete block

  • vertically performed sand-lime blocks

  • vertically performed clay bricks


  • Thermal insulation boards in an external ETIC-system

Installation tips:

  • quick and easy installation per hammering in the compound nail with a hammer;

  • embedment depth of minimal 35 mm in the substrate is needed;

  • non-load bearing layers such as adhesives and old render are to be included in the required useful length.


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