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Glass fiber applications
Jun 20, 2018

First, compared with organic fibers, glass fibers have high temperature resistance, non-flammability, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation (especially glass wool), high tensile strength, and good electrical insulation (such as alkali-free glass fibers). But the disadvantages are brittle and poor wear resistance.

Glass fiber is mainly used as electrical insulation material, industrial filter material, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, shock-absorbing material. It can also be used as a reinforcing material for the manufacture of reinforced plastics or reinforced rubbers, reinforced plasters and reinforced cements. Covering glass fiber with organic materials can improve its flexibility and can be used to make packaging cloth, window screening, wall covering cloth, covering cloth, protective clothing, and electrical and acoustic insulation materials.

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