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fiberglass mesh 130g/160g/300g
Aug 02, 2018


 Fiberglass mesh production is made by the most advanced manufacturing technology by making the combination of primary products fiberglass mesh. Fiberglass Kosova also produces fiberglass mesh for all manufacturers of plastic corners for plastering elements for Kosovo and regional market. Fiberglass mesh production is made based on ISO 2008/9001 certificate for Manufacturing, Sale, Distribution and Exporting fiberglass mesh.

In the context of our factory currently there are 39 employees, and the number is continually rising as needed.

Specification of the mesh:

– Mesh Cubes: 4×4, 5×5 4×5

– High-quality and competitive prices

– Size of roll: 1x50m

– Weight: 90g / m2 120g, 125g / m2, 135g / m2, 145g / m2 160g / m2

Acid and alkali resistant

– Color: White, Blue, Orange, custom-made

– Standard: ISO 2008/9001


The produced fiberglass mesh is a fiber fabric from glass and it is mainly resistant to alkali through a special knitting technique, then the anti-alkali agent and magnifier, etc. The fiberglass mesh is an ideal material for engineering in construction and the decoration industry!

The product serves to fix the interior and exterior walls, isolating and strengthening them. Also the mesh is used for the highest quality with cement and is suitable for excellent positioning, the alkali resistant, and resistant to alkaline substances to erosion. Strength retention rate is > 90%, duration <1% sustainability more than 50 years. The high elastic modulus is 80.4Gpa.

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