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Cheap insulation nail for sale
Jul 16, 2018

Cheap insulation nail for sale 


This product adopt superb steel nail and A-grade PP injection molding. designing of the particular art skill and high quality plate make the insulation board easy to fixing. The solid plate can take great load-carring properties; this expanding insulation product has a strong bearing capacity, high compression resistant, great tensile strength, it can keep stable in the enviroment of -40°C to+80°C. and it can be used to fix the insulation board in the external insulation board. Moreover it can be used in all kind of wall materials, such as concrete, solid and hollow wall. this product has the features of accommodating climate, anti-shaking, resistance to weather, breakage resistance, fastness and enduring. the superb galvanized steel greatly solved the problem of corrosion, and enduring, moreover A-grade pp injection moulding have a low heat transfer. and it has not thermal bridge in winter and high efficient and energy saving.
A-grade pp injection moulding plus superb steel nail
the tensile capacity of sigle insulation nail  0.8KN
value added of systematic heat transfer to single nail 0.004(m2. k)
carried standard: JG 158-2004
1. Locating: After the thermal board is pasted onto the wall, choose the fixing anchor position.
2. Drilling: Drill through the board, the hole depth must be according to the specified measure(Note: The hole depth in the wall should be over six cm)
3. Putting-in: Put the fixing plate around the put it into the against the board.
4. Knocking-in: With a hammer, knock the steel nail into tube(steel nail shall parallel to the thermal board)

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