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characteristics of Insulation board dowel with plastic nail
Sep 13, 2018


Distinguished by high quality and exceptional strength of the dowel and the extraordinary resistance of spacer nail.

On the dowel with nail of polyethylene condensation is never formed, unlike on the metal one.

Polyethylene nail will never shrink in its own diameter, so the dowel will never lose its attachment properties.

Allowable loads and efforts on digging dowels out from the wall considerably exceed accepted standards.

Stable at temperatures from - 50 С° to +80 С°.

Plastic dowel is chemically resistant to alkaline conditions.

Dowel’s feature is the absence of "stretching” effect of plastics and the impossibility of the "inverted umbrella" effect.

Peculiar structure of the “cap’s” surface relief, facilitates good adhesion to the adhesive solution.

Insulation board dowels are safe and easy to install.

Complies with the requirements SM GOST R 50962 chapter 3.

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