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8*80mm preservation Insulation nails
Jul 12, 2018

1)it has good hest insulation effect and very hard
2)high quality

Materials: Carbon steel, aluminum, tinplate and plastic


 General Specifications: 
1. Size: 8 × 80,8 × 100; 
2. Packing: 1000 sets per carton; 
3. Special specifications according to customer requirements scheduled to produce.


4.External wall insulation system, external wall insulation anchoring nail is dedicated anchor pieces, from galvanized screws, nylon tube and fixed wafer form up. According to the different thickness of insulation layer is divided into a variety of specifications. Is widely used in building decoration. The company's external wall insulation system, bolt in the housing widely used in insulation layer has anti-aging, anti-temperature shock, corrosion, cold and heat; high bearing capacity, high pressure, good tensile properties; loaded is not easy to deformation, moisture, slow vibration, absorb noise and sound insulation and so on. Installation is simple and hammering can be, no special installation tools. Galvanized screw a good solution to the corrosion problem, durability, and the nylon heat transfer performance is low, there is no cold winter, bridge, energy-efficient.


5.Materials and specifications can be made according to customers specific requirements .



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