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Insulation Shooting Nail With Plastic Frame

shooting concrete plastic insulation anchor nail 1.specifications: Name: New plastic insulation fasteners Material: PE Color: White or Grey Length: 20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,110,120,130,140,150,160,180,200mm,220mm Washer dia: 50mm or 60mm Pin nail material: steel Pin nail...

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                           insulation shooting nail with plastic frame

Name: New plastic insulation fasteners
Material: PE
Color: White or Grey

a. Insulation Anchor  Washer diameter:5.0cm,6.0cm
b. Insulation Anchor   Pin Nails Length:42mm,47mm,52mm or as you need.
c. Insulation Anchor  Pin nails Diameter: 3.6mm steel nails or 3.3mm~3.6mm plastic steel nails.
d.  Insulation Anchor  Perfarmance Parameters: 1> Breaking Elongation:90
                                                2> Operation temperature:200
                                                3> Thermal Conductivity:0.03


This product is quick to install,the construction process is simplified,and the construction speed is improved.when using a mortar to hang the insulation board,use a special nailing tool. the lab or intensity of workers is greatly reduced,and the construction volume is relatively incresed in unit time.


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